Accident Insurance complements your Health and Critical Illness Insurance by helping to ease the financial impact of an accident. It provides you with the money to use as you see fit and can help with any of the out of pocket expenses you will incur as a result of an accident. Due to recent changes in Health Insurance legislation, many employers and individuals are choosing health insurance plans with higher deductibles and co-payments. With this type of plan, there are major trade offs. The price you pay for a lower premium is shouldering more of your out-of- pocket health care costs.

Buying Accident Insurance


It’s a fact of life: accidents happen. And when they happen, accidents can leave you with medical bills and lost income you weren’t expecting. Even the best health insurance comes with deductibles, coinsurance and other out-of-pocket expenses that can really add up. An accident requiring medical attention occurs at home every two seconds. The average amount of time away from work due to to an accident is 9 days. The average cost of a broken leg is 23,678. That also means with Accident Insurance for a fraction of the cost you can get well without the added stress of worrying how to pay for the unexpected costs of an accident.

Accident insurance is suitable for everyone. That’s because the unexpected happens. Whether you’re conservative, more aggressive or somewhere in between. An accidental injury catches you off guard and throws you into worry, uncertainty, inconvenience and many expenses you hadn’t exactly planned for.

Accident insurance is a convenient and affordable way to cover out of pocket expenses and lost income.

Accident Insurance complements your Health Insurance and as your Insurance Consultants we structure this invaluable coverage as part your your Total Healthcare Solution.